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We deliver the following ranges: The Horse Power Range and the Power Pack Range. The Horse Power range is a more cost-effective solution than the Power Pack range. The Power Pack range is designed to industrial specifications and can run with heavy loads continuously.

Generators, The turn key solution by Newtontech. If you are in the process of purchasing a diesel silent generator than Newtontech diesel generators should be your first choice. We have a huge selection of models available using known makes. From 5.5 kilowatts up to two Mega Watts. We have Industrial and commercial ranges. We will power up any residential house or any factory. We specialise only in diesel generator sets. Here some factors that sets us apart in our business, Technical Knowledge, support, service and reliable products. Every generator that leaves our shop is carefully assembled and checked to ensure long-lasting service and durability. We supply generators all over South Africa; we are located in Pretoria East. Our generators have various add on options available from signal start to short message notifications. Our newer models also now have 4G connections available for prompt remote monitoring and control as an option. External Fuel tanks, electric fuel pumps, gsm, LAN cable connection, remote control just to mention a few. All our generators are fitted with an auto mains failure control panel that will protect the engine and alternator. This panel is easy to operate if need be, the automatic option does not require any human integration at all. The generator set panel will take care of all the rest, monitoring mains supply, bi-weekly automatic start up and more. We do not even need to mention the following but just to be sure of the latest technologies we can, Brushless, automatic voltage regulator, trickle charger to keep the batteries healthy and more. Our bigger generators are also now fitted with intelligent battery chargers to be sure to maintain batteries to optimum conditions when needed. This is important for battery life and readiness of the generator. So to sum everything up in a nutshell, a generator is complicated machine, and every component play a significant role for uptime and performance. This is what you can expect from Newtontech, competitive pricing and reliable machines. This is what we are made off!

Horse Power

The Horse Power range is designed for the standby and industrial use depending on the size, these generators is enclosed silently. This range starts at 6Kva 3000 rpm and then from 15kva 1500 rpm up to 60 kva. This range is a cost-effective solution mainly for standby use and is also very popular for solar integration.

Power Pack range

The Power Pack range is renowned for durability and long lasting use. Designed for Industrial use in mind, this range is proven and tested and is sold country wide since 2012. Large Stainless Fuel Tanks and Stainless Exhaust systems for long-lasting and continuous use; this is a machine to rely upon.

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